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Daniela K. Boehme, geb. Wendler

Metzlerstrasse 21
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Tel: + 49 69 / 24 00 46 70 
Fax: + 49 69 / 24 00 46 71 


This is a 1-lawyer practice working on asylum law and immigration. Within the field of immigration Mrs. Boehme offers advice on entry visas and residence permits, work permits, work visas and business permits, family reunification/adoption, deportation/exclusion, naturalization, refugee law and humanitarian protection. Languages spoken are: German, English, basic French and basic Spanish.

Thomas Oberhäuser

Münsterplatz 13 – 89073 Ulm

Tel: 0731 140 41-0
Fax: 0731 140 41-10

This is a single lawyer practice specialising in immigration, naturalisation, asylum law and criminal law for migrants.

Within the field of immigration, Mr Oberhäuser offers advice on:

  • entry visas and residence permits

  • family reunification

  • work permits

  • work visas and business permits

  • deportation/exclusion

  • naturalisation and refugee law

Mr Oberhäuser is a writer of legal commentary and co-editor of a periodical concerning German Migration Law. Languages spoken are German and English.

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