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Cora Maglo

CERNO Law Firm

142 boulevard de la Pétrusse

L-2330 Luxembourg

Tel: +352 27 99 01 63

Fax: +352 27 99 01 64



CERNO is a Luxembourg-based niche law firm founded in 2013 by Me Cora MAGLO, who has more than 15 years of experience as a business, immigration and litigation lawyer. Together with her team, they specialize in helping individuals seeking refuge or wishing to immigrate to Luxembourg and/or their employers.


The firm also specialize in the following areas of law: Labour and social security law - Corporate law - Collective proceedings and corporate restructuring - Tenancy law (residential and commercial) - Family law and family mediation. 


CERNO’s all-female team is multilingual, working mostly in French, English, Spanish and Arabic.

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