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Country Update 2021: FRANCE

Contributed by: Karl Waheed (Karl Waheed Avocats)

June 2019 - May 2021

I. Posted workers

Decree No. 2019-555 and Order No. MTRT1914009A of 4 June 2019, relating to the posting of workers, were published in the Official Journal of June. These two texts specify the conditions of application of workers’ secondment (posting) and the fight against illegal work, as well as the activities exempted from the secondment declaration and the designation of the representative in France. They entered into force the day after their publication, except for certain provisions that will be applicable from 1 July 2019.

II. Measures announced by Government to improve the immigration, asylum and integration policy in France

At the end of the inter-ministerial committee on immigration and integration on 6 November 2019, the Prime Minister presented twenty measures to "improve [the] policy of immigration, asylum and integration" in France.


In preparation of a no-deal Brexit, and following the provisions made by the French government earlier this year, an online service is now available to allow UK nationals already residing in France at the time Brexit occurs to file their residence permit application online.

On 31 December 2020 at midnight the Brexit transition period ended and the UK became a third country to the European Union. British nationals residing in France are invited to prepare their applications for residence permits.

IV. Talent Passport scheme.

Making France attractive to international talent is a government priority. The Ministry of Interior reminds us of the main measures in force in order to ensure quality reception and prompt processing of applications at the Prefecture under the Talent Passport scheme.


Travel restrictions started in March 2020, and have varied with the evolution of the pandemic across the world. As of 1 June 2021travel to and from France must be for a limited number of compelling grounds, except for certain exempted countries (listed below). The travel restrictions are further reinforced (by reducing the list of compelling grounds) for the following countries where the Covid infection is rampant: South Africa, Argentina, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa-Rica, UAE, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, Uruguay and Guyana.

Exempted countries for low rate of infection: EU, Australia, South Korea, Iceland, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Singapore.

Current travel restriction are published by the government at:

VI On-line processing of work permits

In a press release dated 30 March 2021, the Ministry of the Interior announced the establishment on 6 April 2021 of an online service for work authorisation applications for the recruitment of foreign employees and seasonal workers, as well as for students wishing to work beyond the authorized amount of time. Requests can only be made on the site:

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