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Country Update 2021: IRELAND

Contributed by: Hiro Ino (Hiro Ino & Co. Solicitors & Notary Public)

June 2019 to May 2021

1. Country Overview

After avoiding a decline in output in 2020 contributed by buoyant exports of Ireland-based multinationals, real GDP is projected to grow by 4.2% in 2021, despite stringent sanitary measures introduced early in the year.

As vaccinations are rolled out and restrictions are gradually eased, domestic demand will strengthen, even though uncertainty will continue to weigh on firms’ investment decisions. Pent-up consumer spending, as households unwind pandemic-induced excess saving, is projected to lift growth to 5.1% in 2022.

After three consecutive lockdowns since March 2020, the economy has started to re-open, restriction eased in phases.

36.12% of the population has received at least first doze of vaccination in Ireland (27th of May 2021 data).

2. Legislative Changes


3. Business Immigration

Employment Permit Regulations 2017.

Immigrant Investor Programme – 1,166 approvals since 2012 (1,088 Chinese individuals)

Business Permission (€300k) still suspended.

4. Employment-based immigration (work and residence permits)

Spouse/Partner of Critical Skills Employment permit now obtains Stamp 1G (right work without any need for employment permit).

5. Family based immigration

Delays generally – civil servants working remotely

Domestic – Policy on non-EEA family reunification – updated December 2016.

6. Asylum

International Protection Act 2015 – Asylum/Subsidiary Protection/Leave to Remain application all in one.

7. Deportation

Section 3 of the Immigration Act 1999 – still stands.

8. Citizenship

Irish Nationality & Citizenship Act 1956 (As Amended).

Statutory Instrument introduced to facilitate granting of certificate of naturalisation by swearing of Affidavit – finished 31st of May 2021

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